Getting Down To Basics with Contracts

Government Public Procurement, B2G: An Opportunity To Bid

When a government agency purchases supplies, goods, and services, it is called Government Procurement. Bid proposals are announced to private business sectors for them to provide the service or supplies needed by the government. A quotation to bid for the specific service or goods along with documentation of legality will be submitted by the private business sector to be deliberated. After validation and deliberation, the lowest bidder among those that made the bid will get the contract. This is the formal guideline that is followed according to law.

Purchasing in the government is always on a lump sum, therefore it involves a large amount of money. With large money comes large profit hence these private business sectors are into this. There is anyhow a wide range of services and supplies that the government may need. This is where bidding acts as a filtering area for the government to know who provides the best service at less the cost. True to the fact that when a contract is achieved by bidding in a government, it is sure income. And if you are a small business or new in the market, you will be intimidated by those that are already ahead. So what can a small time business do to keep up with the competition? Here are a few reminders that may help and that can be made a reference.

This is the government you are planning to have business with, therefore familiarize the rules set by the government.

Make a record of what the government is requiring about the services or goods that are needed.

It is not going to hurt to venture out to gain more knowledge and information. Be vigilant to government deals and offers, and miss not on any government opportunities that may present a good favor for the company.

Invest in attending government expos’, trade fairs and the likes that may help in opening opportunities.

Learn from other private business sectors and try to compete in getting a good score for service records.

Know what government agencies that can be provided with the services the company has to offer and start getting involved with people within.

There are so many training opportunities that can be used to your advantage and company gain, aim for it.

Having someone that knows more will be an advantage. Work according to your pace and don’t compromise time.

To get the initial contract will be the hardest but will become a stepping stone to get the next. Establish trust and ensure that deadlines are met accordingly. An impression well-established will have an impact on the government for them to give you, the company, a good feedback for rendering the kind of service all the time.

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